Hello! I’m Patricia and am from Melbourne, Australia. This is my blog about my attempt to learn the Korean language (한국어) and the writing system, Hangeul (한글). Whether it be some long post about something I learnt or something simple, and short such as a new interesting word that has been added to my small vocabulary. xD I will be making so many mistakes but I hope to improve. :( Maybe I will improve in my English whilst writing on this blog, as well. haha. It is all right if no one reads this blog.

I started learning the Hangeul around April/May and have been slowly trying to learn more ^^ It first started off with watching the addicting Korean Dramas, then I thought, “I should try to learn some Korean!” haha and here I am. Loving Korean dramas! Plus, wouldn’t it be nice watching the dramas without subtitles? xD Gives me more time to pay attention to the actors and actresses faces…

Also, I have always wanted to learn another language and it seems that it is Korean now. ^^ Right now, I am just studying Korean at home, I hope I can find an actual teaching class someday but right now there aren’t any near where I live. I never thought a language would be so interesting and enjoyable to learn, although it is quite difficult (Ahh especially particles!) I am having fun!

Learning a language isn’t bad if you actually want to learn the language!

Ohhh…I have love and a great respect for the beautiful TVXQ. ♥ ♥ Thank you for coming back stronger and fiercer than ever. I would love to see them live one day, hopefully as 5 too. ㅠㅠ

This blog can also be found @learningkoreanisfun.tumblr.com
As I don’t have a premium WordPress account I am unable to customize a whole lot! That’s why I created a Tumblr too. 🙂


2 Responses to About

  1. Layinka says:

    Yes it would be great to watch Korean dramas without the subs! You’d watch twice as many!!
    Sending you lots of determination your way.
    Thanks for sharing!
    xx Layinka

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