Korean…or Japanese? Maybe just Asian…

Hello! Today I was hungry…so I decided to try to cook some Udon noodles that were in the cupboard. I’m not really much of a cooker – I’m more of an eater haha. I’m a big fan of noodles; ramen, pasta – anything noodly. I wanted to try to cook something Korean with these Udon noodles, but I’m not sure if it turned out more like a Korean or Japanese dish, or maybe it’s neither; just some Asian noodle dish. It didn’t turn out that bad! Didn’t look too bad either!

배고파요? Are you hungry?
네. 정말 배고파요. 지금 먹고 싶어요~ Yes, I’m hungry. I want to eat now~

First off, I didn’t really have much of idea of Korean Udon noodle dishes there are around, so I did a Google search (Yay Google!) and found some pictures. As you can see here most of them are the spicy kind of udon noodle dishes, I wanted to try something that wasn’t spicy for today. It looked like some of the non-spicy udon noodle pictures were chicken flavored. So I decided to go with Chicken flavor.

I really just took a bunch of vegetables that I found hidden away in the fridge and vegetables that I found in the garden, chopped them up into considerable sizes, heated up a pot with oil, added garlic and onion, then added the vegetables, then added the water with the chicken stock. I cooked the Udon noodles separately, adding the noodles last. I also boiled an egg or two separately to add with the noodles when it was all cooked and in a bowl.

Note: I really just experimented with this, I measure the exact amounts of water, oil etc I put in. It was all just experimentation and taste-as-you go kind of thing!

I’m no cook either, so maybe exactly following what I have written is not a good idea xD

Ingredients I used:
1/3 Udon Noodles in the packet
2 small Carrots
1/2 Onion
2 cloves Garlic
5 slices Radish
6 small pieces of Bok Choy
3 or 4 Beans
1 Spring Onion

(Can’t remember, maybe around 1 litre?) Water
2 pieces of chicken cube stock

1 Egg
Soy/Fish sauce

This served around 3 (small serves) or 2.

Beforehand: Boiled an Egg!
If you like, instead of adding a boiled Egg, you can lightly fry a sunny-side-up egg when you’re all done to add to your Udon noodles!

1. Heat up some boiled water, once water starts boiling place Udon noodles in. Wait approximately for around 8-10 minutes. (Check every so often if they are cooked though.) After, place in strainer and rinse down with cold water. Just put them aside for now.
The Udon noodles I have were actually given to me by my friend, Airi (the one who left for Japan) so I think these noodles are from Japan or something! The packaging is not in English. :O
So firstly, I poured some water in a pot and waited for it to boil, before I placed the Udon noodles in. Once the water started boiling, I placed the Udon noodles and let them cook for around 8-10 minutes or so. I checked once or twice to see if they were ready, but waited a couple more minutes as they were still a little hard. I realized that Udon noodles are a little salty, so I recommend you place the noodles in a strainer and rinse them down with some cold water when they are all cooked. I’ve never actually tried packaged-type Udon noodles, just the ones in Ramen packets. It had this nice chewy taste to it!

2. Ground up Garlic. Cut up vegetables. Once all cut, just also put them aside for now.
Next, I started cutting up some vegetables. I found some Carrots, Onion and Radish in the fridge. Cut the Carrots in circles, sticks, squares – whatever! I’m not sure if Radish is an ideal vegetable for this kind of dish, but I put it in any way xD I also found some Bok Choy, Beans and Spring Onion from the garden, so I decided to cut these up too!

3. Heat up the pan with oil. Add the grounded Garlic>chopped up Onion. Stir around a bit.
After cutting up all my vegetables, I started to heat up my pan with some oil in it. Once it was all hot, I placed the grounded Garlic in. I have now noticed how fast Garlic gets burnt, keep an eye out on your Garlic, I wouldn’t cook it too much, mine turned black and had to redo it -_-! Once it reaches a toasty-brown, I added the chopped Onion!

4. Place the other vegetables in order or so. Carrot>Radish>Beans>Boy Choy + Spring Onion.
When I placed my vegetables, I didn’t put them all in one go. I had my Carrots and Radish first, so I put those two first. Stirred it around a bit, and when it looked semi-cooked I added the Beans, then later added a Bok Choy and Spring Onion.

5. Add water and stock. Water>Stock
I soon added some water and the chicken stock. I’m not really sure how much water I put, it was just under half of the put size, so probably about 1 litre of water. After adding one cube of chicken stock, I realized it didn’t have enough flavor so I added another.

6. Wait until boil, then add the Udon noodles.
So after adding the water and stock, I stirred around and waited for it to boil again before I placed the noodles in. I also did a couple of taste tests, of course! It wasn’t looking too bad. haha.

7. Wait until it starts boiling again and then you’re done!
It’s done! Now I just placed it in a bowl and cut up my egg and also placed it in! You can also add a touch or soy or fish sauce for more flavor!

I was quite happy as I expected it to turn out worse and it tasted all right too! The Udon noodles tasted awesome! I think next time I’ll try and make a spicy one and add some sort of meat. I didn’t add any meat in this one because I didn’t have any. Chicken would’ve gone well with this one, I think.

Other suggestions:

  •  Instead of boiling an egg, fry a sunny-side-up egg and add that. Or you could just add a raw egg in.
  •  Spicy instead of a chicken flavor!
  •  Add meat!
  •  Use different vegetables!
  •  Add some Kimchi as a sidedish!
  • Chilli/Fish/Soy Sauce!
잘먹겠습니다! I will eat well!

Said before eating!

For larger versions of the photos, just drag and drop the image into your URL bar. 😉 The vegetables look like models, sorry about that haha.


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