Resource: Korean Language Learning Games

Are you beginning to learn Korean and would like to learn the Korean numbers? Or would just like to learn some Korean? “Digital Dialects” is one of the first sites I found that provided pages on the Korean Language, although Digital Dialects is not a site that shows sentence structure, grammar etc it does offer pages on vocabulary, numbers, days and months and it’s all interactive and in game-like form! Vocabulary such as the names of fruits and veges, animals and other things! This site also offers many other games in other languages.

Digital Dialects

Days and Months

The best part of Digital Dialects, I found is that learning is all interactive and colorful. All the learning is in somewhat game-form and in flash, where you can click a lot haha. It’s great! They provide bright and colorful pictures on most of the games too! Oh, they also provide little audio mp3’s of what the word actually sounds like in Korean; a little speaker icon to hear the voice of a native Korean saying that word.

Although, I believe the site is using the old romanization for Korean, and does not have a lesson on the other set of numbers in Korean, Native Korean numbers. They only have Sino-Korean. It is still awesome!

Not only does Digital Dialects have a page on Korean Language, they also have interactive learning games for around 60 other languages – Japanese, Thai, Afrikaans all the way to Norwegian! I didn’t actually notice this until today haha.

So, if you like, feel free to check it out. (Wow, I must have used this phrase so many times already) I love how this site is colorful and visually appealing. If you’re still learning, like me, I suggest you take a look ^_^ Play around and learn names of your fruit and vegetables. Names of your fruits and veges are handy 😉 Or if you’re an experienced with your Korean, test your skills out anyway xD


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