Early this month I decided to sign up for, they have some really neat introductory offers. When you sign up you get an option to download this whole package of Korean Language resources, including their PDF lessons, notes, MP3’s and a few other things! Plus, it’s basically free! You just need to pay $1 for the bandwidth/download costs as the whole package is around 2GB! Oh, you also get a one month premium subscription for free too! I haven’t browsed through everything but so far my favorite features of Koreanclass101 is the “Korean Core Word List” which is basically a vocabulary list and their Korean Word of the Day!


KoreanClass101 - Korean Language learning site

The free package download is really useful, if you are a bit unsure about paying the dollar, don’t be! I love freebies hehe. I suggest you grab this freebie while you can. It’s great. I think I would have regretted it, if I didn’t get it. The Korean word list is really a nice feature, lots of words to learn there! You do have to have a subscription to have access to the larger word lists though, but since you get a premium subscription for free for one month, you are able to access the larger word lists.

"Korean Core Word List"

"Korean Core Word List"

The Korean Word of the Day is a nice little thing too, you get an email with a new word sent to you each day. I do get a bit lazy reading mails though. haha. I believe you can also get the word of the day via FacebookGoogle and Twitter. So if you have any of those, sign up for the word of the day!

Korean Word of the Day

Korean Word of the Day

I just love how KoreanClass101 gives out freebies. Their Word lists and Word of the Day are my favorite features of the site (so far!) If you haven’t checked out this Korean learning language site yet, I suggest you do. It’s quite helpful. ^^

*******UPDATE: If you don’t want your premium subscription to continue and end up paying the normal subscription fee, be sure to cancel before your free 1-month subscription is over.
Once signed in go to Account>Subscriptions/Info Payment History
Or click here. *******

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